Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I wanted to post some great crafts for St. Patrick's Day, but we ended up keeping it pretty simple around here. I traced the hands of everyone in our family onto paper in various colors and had the girls cut them out and tape them onto our walls in the shape of a rainbow.  I was planning on making a small "pot" for the end of our rainbow where we could leave love notes or small surprises for each other, but I never got that far. I did leave my little treats for the kids on the floor next to the rainbow on St. Patty's Day morning if that counts...

And now it's on to Easter! 
We dove right in this week with some Easter/Spring activities that coincided 
with our study of the letter C. Here's a new favorite:

Easter Bunny Carrot Cups
paper or plastic cups
carrot seeds
white and pink construction paper
googly eyes

I drew a quick pattern for the ears so the kids could put their mad scissor skills to use...
My poor Charlotte was stuck with mommy's big scissors until the little ones were free (I swear we own six pairs of little scissors, but they've disappeared along with half of our forks and all of my tape...)
We used white for the outside and pink for the inside of our bunny ears.

Glue them together...

And glue them into the inside of your cup. You might need to reinforce with tape.
Next step, googly eyes!
I asked the kids to draw a nose, mouth and whiskers for their bunnies.

Our little friend Timothy was my hand model today. I'm sure he was so confused as to why I was having him hold these seeds so still...
Time to plant your seeds! We went out back and got some mud from our garden (since it was actually snowing/sleeting here today) for our cups and planted 2-3 seeds per cup, just to be sure one of those suckers with grow!
I think it will be so fun to see some green come out of the top of these bunny cups and transfer them to our garden once they're too big for the cups.
I love how Charlotte decided to draw herself instead of a bunny face on hers, on the left. We added a little ruffle for a touch of femininity...

Here's to hoping for spring! Here's one of my favorite books that goes along beautifully with this activity:
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