Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alphabet Review

 This is a great way to review the alphabet with your kids and it's easy to put together! I used the cheap, thinner paper plates because they cut and bend more easily. I wrote the alphabet around the edge of the plate in both upper case and lower case letters and then cut a line between each letter.

*I saw this idea long ago somewhere and unfortunately, I did not save the source! So I'm sharing it anyway, but it wasn't my great idea.

For our activity, I read one of our favorite books to the girls and asked them to raise their hands when they heard a word that started with a letter they knew. Once we made our way through the more familiar sounds/letters, I started pausing and emphasizing certain words that started with a letter they didn't recognize as easily. Obviously all of our letters weren't in just one story, but we found as many as we could and then they got a little treat for the letters they had bent down.

You could make these plates for numbers as well. Fun and quick. 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

And the winner is...

Well, after a LOT of ridiculous rumination and research I finally decided on a diaper bag. Two, actually. When I first started looking around, I decided to go with the Ikabag and ordered this one:

Waterproof BEST SELLER Diaper bag/Messenger bag STOCKHOLM Navy blue and white nautical striped - Martha Stewart , Baby talk magazine

I love the style of this bag. It arrived from France, wrapped in beautiful packaging, and the fabric is lovely. It's well-made and has lots of pockets inside and is nice and deep. But I soon discovered that for me in my current situation with four kids, its not big enough. So stay tuned for a future giveaway because I absolutely love this bag and I know it will be perfect for one of you out there with one, maybe two kids.

I was then battling between two other diaper bags, the JJ Cole satchel and Kelly Moore's Libby bag:

I love the JJ Cole satchel because it's one of the roomiest bags out there that doesn't scream diaper bag. I like the sophisticated look, the faux leather that is durable and wipeable and doesn't cost a fortune, and all the features of the bag. It has the outside pockets as well as several front pockets and interior pockets.

And the Libby. This bag is gorgeous. It's actually a diaper bag and a camera bag, so it comes with interior dividers for your camera equipment as well as your basic baby needs. I love the look, the color, the pockets, the style--everything about this bag. Except for the price. I just wasn't ready to fork out $250 for a bag.

So JJ Cole was the winner! I ordered it just a few days ago and I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail, so I'll write a full review one that baby is in my possession. Hope any of this was helpful to some of you who might be on the hunt as I was. So glad it's over for me!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Perfect Diaper Bag

Well, ever since our sweet baby boy joined our family I have been a bit tied up time-wise. Turns out having four children under the age of five is really hard. However, I am journaling more than ever because every day is literally an adventure. I can't wait to share the highlights soon. And life is oh so good. Just busy. And really hard.

We have been continuing our letter of the week activities so I will continue posting my ideas...soon. Our summer has been buzzing along with a trip to the beach, family reunions, local "field trips," swim lessons and blessed blessed nap times. I am getting a little better about getting out of the house with all four children, but it requires a lot of STUFF. In fact, for the past two months, I've been on a very intense, laborious hunt for the ultimate mommy companion--the perfect diaper bag. And it turns out, finding this perfect bag is much harder than I thought.

Here's what I've found so far (click on the picture to follow the link):

Waterproof BEST SELLER Diaper bag/Messenger bag STOCKHOLM Navy blue and white nautical striped - Martha Stewart , Baby talk magazine
JJ Cole Swag Bag JJ Cole Technique Diaper Bag
JJ Cole Mode Diaper Tote BagJJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

OiOi Baby Ikate Hobo Diaper Bag

Faux Buffalo Carry-All Tote Diaper Bag by Oi Oi - Turquoise
Bella Tunno 'Super Star' Diaper Bag

Now each of these bags have pros and cons for me and I was going to write them all out but I think it boils down to personal taste and needs and okay, price. For me, my bag needs to be roomy with lots of compartments for keys, phone, etc. I need to have outer pockets on the ends and a comfortable shoulder strap. The fabric has to be wipe-able and durable. And though I'd prefer it to be fashionable, I care more about quality. And I would love it to be original! I'm not asking too much am I?

Which is your favorite?
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Toddler Activity for the Letter I

For the Letter I, we talked about inchworms. At the beginning of the week we went on a family hike in the mountains and the girls found a tiny silk worm which they thought was pretty fascinating...

I found some books at the library about inchworms and this was our favorite! 
Inch by Inch 
We decided to replant our bean seeds that we did for the letter G ("grow") and this time we painted inchworms on the outside, using our fingertips.




We hope they grow this time!
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