Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alphabet Review

 This is a great way to review the alphabet with your kids and it's easy to put together! I used the cheap, thinner paper plates because they cut and bend more easily. I wrote the alphabet around the edge of the plate in both upper case and lower case letters and then cut a line between each letter.

*I saw this idea long ago somewhere and unfortunately, I did not save the source! So I'm sharing it anyway, but it wasn't my great idea.

For our activity, I read one of our favorite books to the girls and asked them to raise their hands when they heard a word that started with a letter they knew. Once we made our way through the more familiar sounds/letters, I started pausing and emphasizing certain words that started with a letter they didn't recognize as easily. Obviously all of our letters weren't in just one story, but we found as many as we could and then they got a little treat for the letters they had bent down.

You could make these plates for numbers as well. Fun and quick. 
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