Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Preschooler Activity for the Letter I

Here's a fun one for the Letter I. I had grand ideas about making homemade ice cream with my 1970's ice cream maker we inherited from my grandparents...and then luckily thought of this idea which was much easier. I had some tiny ice cream cones on hand that we painted with brown paint...

I ended up giving the girls two cones--one to paint and one to snack. I was afraid that they'd nibble on the painted one when I wasn't looking.

Then we used small styrofoam balls for the ice cream scoops! I had the girls paint them and let them dry for a bit. Then we decorated them with googly eyes and beads and sparkles to make them fancy.
We attached the scoops to one another with toothpicks and added another toothpick at the bottom of the first scoop to get it to stay in the cone.

"I" is for ice cream! Just as memorable as the home-made stuff.
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