Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Alphabet Eggs

Here's a fun idea for something to do with all of those plastic Easter eggs you've been pulling out of the Easter bin in preparation for Sunday...
Uppercase and lowercase letter matching! (Found all over pinterest.)
  I wrote upper case letters on the top half and lower case on the bottom half of the eggs for my four year old to work on.
 I gave her a large crate to hold (most) of the eggs as she matched them up.
This next game was for my two year old who has been obsessed with the guessing game where you ask someone which hand you're hiding something in.  So I hid a tiny bunny in one of these orange eggs and asked her to guess which egg had the bunny. It was a hit for at least twenty rounds...

Once she found the bunny, I'd put it back into its egg and mix them up really fast in front of her until she had no idea again where he was hiding. My four year old loved this one as well.
We also tried a matching game where I hid two cotton balls, two paper clips, two pennies, etc into the eggs. We took turns opening two eggs to see if we found a match, which got a little hairy with two little ones who were anxious to open those babies up!

Tomorrow I'll be posting some of the ways we've been teaching and celebrating the spiritual side of Easter. There's a lot of good ideas out there... as well as some crazy complicated daily devotional egg-opening object-lessoning overwhelming stuff, so my goal is to keep it siiiiimple and focus on the Savior. Check back.

Oh and my mom mailed this to me and I'm pretty sure this was written just. about. me. Especially during this difficult month of March when winter is lingering and my goals are biting at my heels...

Four days til Easter!
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