Monday, March 4, 2013

Toddler Activities for the Letter Z

Since I never blogged our letter of the week activities since late October, I'm going to catch up a bit and share what we did with the end of the alphabet. Here's one of my favorites we did for the letter "Z" back at the end of November.

Zany Mazes
I explained to the girls that "zany" means funny and crazy, and that we were going to make a "zany" maze on the floor with popsicle sticks (I also pointed out that "maze" has a Z in the middle of it).
This was a tough one to do with little babies around...but somehow we managed. I'm pretty sure I put one or both of them down for naps by time we finished this activity.
This activity was perfect for Charlotte (4) because she really loves doing mazes and is pretty good at it. But making her own maze was quite a challenge, so I had to help her a lot. She mostly wanted it to be done quickly so she could drive her car through it to the end.
We tried some square mazes and some round...changing them up a bit after we drove our cars through the maze together.
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