Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Here's a fun activity to make with your kids this coming week in preparation for Thanksgiving. I did this one with my two year old for our activity time and she loved it. Here's what you need:

2 sheets white card stock
self adhesive laminating sheets

 With a marker, divide one of the sheets of construction paper into ten squares. Ask your little one to draw pictures of what they're most grateful for, providing help where needed. My two-year old can draw circles and not much more, so I had her draw the "heads" for mom, dad, Hazel and Jesus. Luckily she was grateful for a few other circular things such as cookies, icecream, and movies (dvds) so that worked out well.
We did our best with the house and TV.
I made a copy of her pictures on the second sheet of card stock and used the self-adhesive laminating sheets to laminate both sheets. Then I cut out the individual squares and we were ready to play!

The game of "memory" has always been a favorite of hers, but it was extra special to have her own pictures on the cards.
Happy week of Thanksgiving! 
My hubby comes home from Africa in TWO DAYS.
Two days...

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