Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Letter A

Here we go! Here are some Letter A activities that we've been working on. First, we did "A is for Ants." I went to our library and found some books on ants and ant colonies. Our librarians are incredible, people. Do you know your local librarians? I think they are such fantastic resources and so willing to help out. Mine even printed out information from the internet on how to make your own ant farm! I haven't attempted that yet, but I'd like to try something like this.

I found this idea to make ants with your fingerprints in black paint, crawling over a hill that is the letter A. And for some reason, I only took this one, very unhelpful picture. I had some extra kids over that day:

But they ended up looking something like this:

While they crafted, I read the books about ants and we talked about it a bit. I also played the video clip on YouTube for the Letter A from Sesame Street. We love these videos. 
And that was all we did that week.

Then we went to Kauai. Without our children.
A different kind of activity time.

It was incredible. Need I say more?

Then we came home. 

And we started back in with A is for Alligators! My kids have LOVED talking about alligators. I don't know why. Edison might really believe there is one living under his bed. 
Thanks to this great book:

I cut out giant letter A's out of green paper and lots of teeth out of white paper.

 Then I cut out the shape of the eyes (bottom of above pic) where we glued googly eyes. Nice and simple people; do you see a theme here? (Source for this idea found here.)
 Ed glued the teeth all over the A and I was just happy he was participating!
And not eating the glue stick.

 The next day, it was raining so I decided to do some more activities with our alligators. I hid the two that they made in different spots and we played this game I threw together using things I had around the house.
 My kids love the song "Five Little Monkeys" where they tease Mr. Alligator. I had this tree my oldest daughter made for a family night activity, so I put five pom-pons in the tree, representing monkeys. This activity is not meant to impress anyone.
Had I prepared a little more, I could have printed out five pictures of actual monkeys and colored them, or laminated them.
I like the pom-poms.

 I colored a clothes-pin with a green marker and we sang our song and they got to SNATCH that monkey right out of that tree! They loved it.
Then I got really quiet and told them that there were two REAL alligators hiding in our house.
And they believed me.
'Cause I'm the mom and I hold that much power.
They searched around until they found their alligators from the day before. Then they made those alligators eat the pom-pom monkeys out of the tree and we sang the song a few more times.
(Do you like the mixed-matched half-gone pajamas we have on here??)

That afternoon, my Eloise was bored and STILL wanted more alligators in our house, so we made a very simple craft using a paper plate, green paint, white paper teeth, and googly eyes. She did most of it on her own ("More teeth please mom!).

Run with it! Email me your crafts. I'll share them and praise you for your hard work.
Know you're doing a good job, whatever you're doing with your kids.
These are just ideas if you need them.
Don't stress.
You're amazing.
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  1. The panoramic picture is AMAZING! So are your crafts. The apples in the tree are better than monkeys because they start

  2. with "A". We bought an ant farm once and loved it. I decided it would be a great thing to buy a child (or adult) who has surgery or breaks a leg and has to spend a lot of time in bed.

  3. Great job! I'm all about simple. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. You have the best ideas and they are so doable! Thanks for helping this mama out!