Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

I found this activity in the November Family Fun magazine and it was perfect for my little four year old who recently has had an obsession with lanterns. It didn't require too many materials and was simple enough for my two year old to join in as well.

Homemade Lanterns:
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glass jar
yellow and red tissue paper
elmer's glue
modge podge (optional)
sponge brush
electric candle
Step One: Cut a good amount of 1x1 inch squares out of your tissue paper.
Step Two: Glue your pieces onto the outside of the jar, mixing the yellow and red (or orange). This is pretty doable for a younger child since it doesn't have to be very neat. I put the glue on the jar and told my two year old to put the squares on the glue.
Step Three: I didn't have modge podge on hand since I did this at my in-laws, so I mixed half glue, half water to make my own decoupage. I showed my girls how to spread it over the top of the tissue squares to seal them.
Step Four: Place your electric candle (found mine at JoAnne's) in the inside of the jar and there's your lantern! We have our on my mother-in-law's dinner table and turn them on during dinner. I think the magazine suggested putting a pipe cleaner over the top for a handle and securing the sides with electrical tape, but it didn't sound strong enough for me so we've just kept ours in one place.
Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?
Here's some activities from last year...
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