Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toddler Activities for the Letter Y

For the letter "Y," we started out with a "Y" scavenger hunt. I hid large cut-outs of the letter "Y" around the house with instructions on the back that involved something to do with the sound of the letter. The girls loved racing to find these "Y's" which were all in different colors. I made a big deal of finding the golden YELLOW "Y." We enjoyed answering the questions on the back of the letters such as:
1. Can you show me how to say "yes" without talking?
2. Can you make a big yawn?
3. Can you act like a yak? (We did watch a youtube clip on yaks in the beginning of our Activity Time)


Then I asked the girls to choose their favorite color "Y" and glue pieces of yarn on the back in any pattern of their choice. For my two year old, this activity was right on. She got to use her scissors and cut the yarn into smaller sizes, she dug into the glue stick with her fingernails and mushed it into the paper and VOILA!


(Does anyone else give up on dressing their potty-training child?)

  My four year old, however, had something a little more challenging in mind. She decided to build on our newly gained knowledge of the YAK and turn those "Y's" into antlers! I drew the face of a yak (I can honestly say that I've never done that before) and she ran with it. The antlers were attached, glitter was spread across the face--making it a female yak, or "cow"--and then I think she felt that the glitter needed to be held in place by LOTS of tape...


And there you go! Some diverse ideas of what to do with the letter Y!

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  1. PLEASE NEVER STOP BLOGGING! I just discovered your blog through my friend Darcey Pett via FB and pinterest (she is giving you shout outs!) and I am IN LOVE!!!!! I have seen alot of toddler blogs out there that have a few decent ideas, but I have been perusing your blog and I think yours is by far my favorite! I love all of your ideas for teaching, spending time with the kids, how to adapt lessons to 2 yr olds, thoughts on motherhood, everything! So don't stop, because I need to steal and use all of your ideas with my own girls! (My oldest just turned 2). Anyway, just wanted to let you know all of the efforts of your blog are worth it! I am sure I will be blogging about you in my near future (