Monday, August 1, 2011

Toddler Activities for the Letter T

We had a lot of fun with the letter T. There were endless books at the library about touch, taste, tigers, teeny tiny things, and turtles. Plus, I had been holding onto this Tornado Tube for weeks and finally got to try it out.

First we talked about what makes a tornado and how dangerous it is for people that are close to one. We found some crazy youtube videos that showed real tornados and the damage they can do. Then we made our own...
two water bottles
one Tornado Tube
(you can also use a washer with duct tape to seal the two bottles together)


We filled one bottle about 3/4 full and connected it to the other bottle with the Tornado Tube.

Then I showed the girls how to move the bottle in a circular motion to create the tornado inside. It took them a few tries since they mostly just shook the bottles, but eventually it worked and they were so excited to see their own tornado.

I've been working on my four year old with the concept of "time" so I need something to give my two year old while we discuss the clock. She's good at finding letters in books or on flashcards, so this might be an idea to try if you have a younger toddler around during a more difficult activity or lesson. She gets so excited if she can find one and in this case, once she found all the T's, I gave her a gumball. (I'm all about bribing with that girl!)

Here's some fun books we found on the letter T.

More T's to come!
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