Monday, August 1, 2011

Homemade Tambourines

For the letter T, we talked about music and different types of instruments. I really like this book, "Ah, Music!" because it explains rhythm, dynamics, and how your own body is an instrument. And since we're studying "T,", we decided to make tambourines!

two paper plates
small bells
hole punch
crayons & stickers

Step One:
Staple your paper plates together all the way around the edges.

Step Two:
Punch holes along the edges, about every five or six inches. Tie your bells through the holes (tightly!).

We assigned my two year old to the task of cutting string because she loves scissors.

This activity is great practice for tying. My four year old was determined to do every one of her bells on her own.

After this picture, they colored their tambourines with crayons, but I never took a picture.
Then we danced to some Disney songs on Pandora and shook our tambourines.
So fun.

Any homemade instruments you want to share?
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