Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Roundup

Halloween is SATURDAY. Fall is here and October has been crazy! But thankfully soccer is over and I'm feeling the blogging bug and hope to dive back into this thing that was once my thing. So here's a little Halloween roundup for the two or three of you who still read my blog!
 But first, a really cute picture of me and my kids (and an example of why I don't blog anymore. All I do is lay on my hammock and pay my children to brush my hair.)

 I revisited this one with Jane yesterday and waxed nostalgic as I remembered all my little ones loving this game. Jane eventually took the entire small pumpkin filled with pom-poms, bent down, and dumped all of them into the big pumpkin, skipping the toilet paper roll all together. 
This one's going places.

I just did this activity a few weeks ago with my Joy School group and while it was hard for a three year old, it's still a great activity to encourage them to try.

Spider Races
Charlotte brought this idea home from Kindergarten last year, but it was racing turtles. We taped one end of the yarn to the TP roll and tied the other end to a spider. We made two of them and did races one night for Family Home Evening. It's a good time and easy prep!
(I just took this picture five minutes ago on the only clean part of the wood floor surrounding me.)

Enjoy your Halloween and hopefully...I'll be back soon.
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