Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hazel's Baptism

Hazel's big day finally came on June 8th!
We started off the day with a hike, which I hope will become a tradition. Helps me to step outside of my brain that is encumbered with all the planning and preparations, and breathe.
I loved putting out all of our favorite shots at the temple, including some from when she was little. 
 And honestly, the best part of the day, beside the actual baptism itself, were the people who came to show their love for this little girl. My mom, her husband, and my brother Bradley drove all the way from Cedar City to be here. My mom had a white bag filled with little treasures that tied into the promises and blessings of baptism for Hazel. Hazel lives for little treasures.

 I couldn't quite get the timer button to work on my camera, so we did one with my brother...
 And one with David.
 I asked everyone to come early so we could take some time for gifts and not feel rushed. David and I got Hazel her own set of scriptures. We also gave her a photo album of her baptism pictures with room around the photo for family and friends to write their favorite scripture. And lastly, my most favorite gift: a journal. May she be just as obsessive about journaling as I am.
 Gram and Papa Kevin got her a bright while embroidered towel.
 Hazel's great-grandpa Phipps passed away last December and knowing he probably wouldn't be around on this special day, he bought Hazel a picture book about being baptized and read it with her before he passed away. What a treasure these grandparents are to us!
 Probably my favorite picture of the three of us.
 Oh sisters.

 We arrived early to everyone could size up the font and get as close to falling in as possible.
 Well this here is one of my greatest gifts to my kids: David. I married well.
 This was a simple, special day.
In addition to all the family that was present, my mission president and his wife surprised me by coming up from Salt Lake to be here for Hazel. I will never forget how I felt when I saw them. I think this is heaven--being surrounded by people you love. Funny things happened to: As the first talk on "baptism" commenced, Jane found an app on my phone that does NOT respect the silence button and it burst into music "MONKEY LUNCHBOX!!" The worse part was that I didn't know what to do since it was already "silenced" so it took an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. 

A good one: When it was time for Hazel to enter the font, I completely forgot that she still had her shoes on! She said she realized it once she stepped into the water, but didn't know what to do, so she continued into the font. After she was baptized, I was waiting on the side with her towel and she told me what happened with a huge smile on her face. We both couldn't stop giggling. We shall forever regard those shoes as her "holy shoes."

And my favorite memory was when Hazel and I sang "When I am Baptized" together, our first duet. She was so brave and sang the entire first verse by herself, and I joined her for the second. She is a remarkable girl, this one.
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