Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Activity for Toddlers

We put some of our Halloween supplies into use for Eloise, my 22 month old. I saw this general idea somewhere (sorry no source!) on Pinterest and adapted it to a Halloween theme. Here's what we did:
We taped a paper towel holder onto the edge of our small craft table and placed a large plastic pumpkin underneath. 
I gave Eloise one of these tiny pumpkins filled with various sized pom poms.

I showed her how to take out a pom-pom and place it inside the top of the paper towel holder so that the pom-pom would fall down into the large pumpkin.

Once she finished (which took quite a while to my delight!), she dumped them out and started over again!
For me, this one was a hit. It helps her fine motor skills and it kept her interest for even longer than I expected. It's worth a try! You could also use tiny spider rings or rubber eyeballs to make it even spookier.
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