Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A baby boy

Our baby boy was born this beautiful morning.
He weighs 8 lbs on the dot and is healthy and adorable. 

We named him Edison.
We are smitten with him already.

The Phipps
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  1. Yay!!! congrats--and he is totally a Phipps! I love it and love his name! Well done! And good luck in the recovery!!

  2. Oh Janelle, he is adorable. What a treasure, congratulation!!

  3. Yay!! A little punkin born on Pi day! What more can you ask from life?!? Congrats, sweetie! Squeeze H, C, E and ED (his initials AND short name!!) for me!

  4. congratulations! he is very cute. good luck with everything!

  5. So happy for you, Janelle! He is absolutely adorable! What a blessed little boy, to come to such a wonderful family and have so many little mommys to take care of him. Have so much fun smooching on those delicious cheeks!