Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Hand Warmers

I've been wanting to make these little hand warmers for a while now and finally sat down with my sewing machine to do it. They are little hearts filled with rice that you can pop into the microwave and give to your kids to put in their pockets in the winter. And since it's been COLD here in Ogden lately, I'm looking forward to using one of my own!

needle and thread
accent fabrics (if desired)

I cut out a few hearts in various Valentine's colors. I pulled out a few accent fabrics, but then I got too lazy to actually sew them on, so it was merely a lovely idea... I sewed around the outside edges of the hearts and left a small opening for the rice.
For one of the hearts, I cut one inch strips which I cut into three smaller sections and braided for little arms. Hazel wanted her's to be a cat with arms, so that's what she got. I embroidered Lottie's name on the front of hers and a simple smiley face on the last one.
I tried to have my four year old help stitch the eyes onto one of these hearts, but I couldn't find my thimble and it soon became a painful challenge, so I did most of the work on these. If you have a funnel, your little one can help you stuff the hearts with rice. They can design the face or even draw it on with a fabric marker. Have fun with these and stay warm this Valentine's!
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1 comment :

  1. I love this idea! I think it would work great for my school-aged daughter that sometimes misses me during the day. She could at least have a warm heart in the morning, then just enjoy the thought later. Thanks for sharing.