Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toddler Activities for Two Year Olds

I have to share that our routine has changed a bit this fall. My oldest daughter is doing Joy School, which I am really loving. I like that the curriculum focuses on teaching your children principles (decision-making, obedience, gratitude, respect, etc.) that will help them enjoy learning and get the most out of their education. We have a great group of kids and so far, it's going well.

That gives me two full mornings each week where I can have one-on-one time with Charlotte, my two year old while my baby naps. I've been tailoring our "activity time" to her two-year-old-ness and this is what we ended up with on our first day:

We sang a couple of songs and did some finger plays, talked about the weather, then started drawing on our white board. I 'd found an idea in this book I've been wanting to try, so we moved upstairs to the girls' bedroom mirror. I gave her a dry erase marker and asked her to draw different parts of her body onto the mirror...



If you look closely, you can see tiny little dots that are her eyes, a small curve of a mouth, and very scribbly hair! (I love her face in this picture)

Do you see the lovely rat's nest she has on the back of her head? It's permanent.

Then we noticed the play horses in the corner (compliments of my amazingly talented friend, Juliann) and decided to go horse back riding! We looked up some fun videos on YouTube about horses and then took those babies onto the driveway.


And that lasted about five seconds before she saw her bike and decided she wanted to end activity time with a walk! I have a feeling that our adventures together are going to involve a lot of SERENDIPITY!


I really look forward to focusing on activities for this very CURIOUS age of two.
Stay tuned for much much more...

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