Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Activities for Toddlers and Preschooler: Grassapillars

Remember around Earth Day we planted these Grassapillars? Well lo and behold, I can grow something. Every plant I try to nurture usually ends up...well in the trash. It's so sad, but just not my forte. So after we planted these grassapillars in our egg cartons, I started to feel discouraged when nothing was growing. Then my husband stepped in and helped us remember to water the seeds twice a day and voila! They grew. It was a good chance for my girls to see a plant from start to finish and have part in the growth.
We're so proud.

Stay tuned for a lesson on the moon and a post about an amazing program called The Power of Moms. I have so much to tell you! And I've received a lot of questions lately about activities for 12-18 month old toddlers, so remember to type in "For the Wee Ones" in my search box. There's a few ideas there and I'm going to update that series with some new ideas soon.

Send in your activities; I love to see what you're doing out there.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend. We're off to Colorado tomorrow...
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