Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toddler and Preschooler Activities: Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow!

If you happen to have any leftover egg cartons, you can put them to use with this cute Grassapillar from Family Fun. We're planning on making this for Earth Day since the kids get to plant grass seed and watch it grow inside this little critter.


3/4 cup potting soil

2 tablespoons grass seed

1 egg carton

Black marker

Step One:

Mix your potting soil and grass seed in a bowl. Add water to moisten and set aside.

Step Two:

Cut out a three cup section of your egg carton, trimming the longer edges so it looks the same on both sides. Draw a face on the front of your caterpillar.

Step Three:

Fill the three cups with your seed mixture and set in sunny spot. The grass should sprout in one week.

This would be a great day to introduce gardening and the concept of spring to your kids, helping them appreciate our beautiful earth!

(That sounded cheesy, but it IS beautiful isn't it?!)

Happy Earth Day to you.
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