Monday, January 31, 2011

Toddler Activities for Valentine's Day: L-O-V-E

I have SO many ideas for Valentine's Day activities to do with your kids! I wanted to start with some fun ways to "explain" Valentine's Day to your toddler/preschooler. Here's some ideas:

1. Talk to your little one about the definition of "love." You can talk to them about how they feel when Mom and Dad or their grandparents play with them and say "I love you." Ask them how they feel about a brother or sister (hopefully those are POSITIVE feelings) or special friend or pet. Then explain how we celebrate those relationships/friendships on Valentine's Day and make cards and gifts for those special people.

2. Have them learn how to say "Happy Valentine's Day" and "I love you" in sign language. Here's a clip from Signing Time that I love:

3. Learn some simple Valentine's Day songs. I found this one from Cullen's Abc's. My girl's loved them:

There are more songs here.

4. Make a countdown to V-day. Have your toddler write down ideas of how they can show their love to others on paper hearts and hang them on a ribbon with clothespins (just like we did for the Christmas countdown). They sell mini clothespins at JoAnne's.

Much more to come...
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