Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Teach your Preschooler their Numbers

I've been working on numbers with my 2 1/2 yr. old lately. She's been able to count for a while, but recognizing the numbers themselves is a new challenge. It's like teaching her a new alphabet. SO, we're trying a combination of pictures and rhymes to help her recognize numbers one thru ten.
First I had her decorate and draw pictures on the numbers
to see what she thought of when she saw them.
( I used paper plates because I was originally going to make a matching game.
Paper will do just fine!)

I combined what I learned from her and my own thoughts to make these pictures and coordinating rhymes:
1. When I point my finger at the sun,
it looks just like the number ONE.

2. When a big snake hisses at you,
his body makes the number TWO.

3. Two eyes that see
make the number THREE.

4. A fish that swims on the ocean floor
looks just like the number four.

5. Bees in a hive
make the number FIVE.

6. The little boy who's sick
gets tucked into bed with the number SIX.

7. Up in heaven
you'll find the number SEVEN.

8. The snowman who is so great
look just like the number EIGHT.

9. The tall tall vine
grows on the number NINE.


10. A stick and a hen
make the number ten.

So there's an idea for you. So far we've had some success; the rhyming helps even though my daughter will still say, "A stick and a hen, make the number....five." Hm.
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