Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Plan your Activity Time at Home

I was thinking about how Activity Time got started in our house and realized that it became "official" with the introduction of three things:

1. a song
One day my 2 yr old was distracted and wiggly,
so I made up a song to help her be interested in me and the activity for that day.

Goes like this:
Activity time, activity time
Activity time, activity time
I love my activity tiiiiiiiiiiime.
(we try to shake our entire body really fast during that last note.)
The tune is nothing special and as you can tell, neither are the words.
Make up your own! Have fun with it and you'll notice that it gives your kids
something familiar and fun to look forward to.

2. a craft box
We call ours the "fancy nancy bucket" because my daughter is a big fan of the fancy stuff.
Call it what you like: craft box, busy bucket, crafty can, etc.
It holds the activity time staples (that are kid friendly):
markers, glue, glitter, stickers, ribbon, string, beads, stencils, erasers, etc.


3. Activity Time closet
Choose a space that is big enough to grow into as you collect more and more stuff.
Keep it within reach of your toddler (if you dare)
so they can help find the supplies for your activity that day.
It's nice to be able to tell them to get some crayons and paper by themselves when
you're busy with dinner (or watching Oprah) or whatever.

Don't have an activity time closet? Get one!
(FYI, mine only looks this organized when I know I'm taking a picture...)

Get started today!
(Send me pics of what you come up with.)
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