Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter Gifts for Kids

Twelve days until Easter! Weird, right?
One of our family traditions for Easter is to get our children new books. This year I'm trying to find books that coordinate with their yearly goals (also, a sneaky way of reminding them that of said goals). I will post about my book choices soon, because I'm still deciding, but I wanted to share some ideas for Easter baskets first.

/1/ Wooden Bunny Puzzle. Also THIS one is cute.
/2/ Children's Harmonica. (Kids of any age can have fun with a harmonica!)
/3/ Painted Egg Shakers
/4/ Crayon Rocks
/5/ Wooden Stacking Bunny
/6/ Cata Pencil
/7/ Smencils
/8/ Personalized Buttons from Social Prints
/9/ Egg Chalk

/1/ Mini Perplexus
/2/ Cat Sunglasses
/3/ Balance Bird (Have you tried these? So cool. They also balance on your kid's nose FYI.)
/4/ Giant Gummy Bear (Cause, c'mon. It's HUGE)
/5/ Bath Bombs (I also love the ones with toys inside!)
/6/ Bunny Socks
/7/ Lekue Stackable Popsicle Makers
/8/ Wood Intellegence Tetris Puzzle

What are your Easter gift traditions?

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