Monday, August 10, 2015

Joy School and House Update

As summer comes to a close, there is so much on the mind. First, I will miss summer and it's freedom. I will miss my time during the day with my older two, both of whom will now be in school for SEVEN hours. That seems like such a long time. I will miss swimming and camping and staying up past bedtime. On the other hand, I do feel the urge to return to our SYSTEMS. We need to revamp a few things. I've been thinking of doing another Power of Moms workshop on family systems this fall...would you come??

On another note, I also need to finalize my Joy School group for this fall. We have a few spots open if anyone wants to join. It's for kids ages 3-5 from 9:30 to noon just two days a week. I did a podcast with Saren Loosli on how much I've enjoyed doing Joy School with my kids versus a typical preschool. You can listen to us Here. Email me a if you're interested in joining me this fall!

They've just re-written all the Joy School lessons and it's on sale for the next two weeks. Check it out here.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Hopefully by next summer we will be posting beautiful "after" photos of our latest project, a seven plex that we are restoring to a single family home. We are definitely way in over our heads.

Here are some "before's..."

 This will be opened up to give a nice view into the kitchen.

 Our future living room. 
 Dining Room.

If only I could give a personal tour to each of you and get your opinions for the floor plan!
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  1. Darn I was excited thinking Joy School was learning how to be Joyful and positive everyday. I thought maybe it wasn't only for kids. Love you