Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspiration Boards

I don't know about you, but by this time of year our New Year's resolutions have started to fade a bit. This is about the time when our systems tend to slip and my kids say stuff like, "Do I HAVE to practice violin??" and look at me like I'm speaking Japanese when I ask if they've brushed their teeth in the morning. How quickly we forget our goals! Plus, it doesn't help that the cold weather is coming back and suddenly my kids are fighting a lot more than usual (is this happening to anyone else?) Thus, inspiration boards. We actually made these at the end of January and then our world got turned upside down when Charlotte got sick, so now we are hanging them up on our bedroom walls and trying to get back to it.
 We made these as part of a family night activity, after we put the little kids to bed. The girls made their own and I put one together for the whole family. We had decided a few weeks prior what our goals were for the year, individually and as a family, and I wanted to have a way to display them so we wouldn't forget. And be inspired.
 Charlotte's goals are to learn how to rollerblade, get her back handspring on the floor, start her "Twinkles" in violin, and start to read chapter books! We found pictures on the internet that she liked and she chose the layout. 
 It was fun to see what Hazel came up with for her goals because she is a carbon copy of me as a child (maybe a little bit of an over-achiever?). The part I liked most was that she wanted to keep it to just three goals. She ended up with a few extras, mostly because her Dad and I are really pushing her to read more...
 Her goals include violin, learning to ride a bike, reading some good classics, and reading Preach my Gospel. But her number one goal was to come up with a list of alternative things to do when she feels bored or angry. Her list is as follows:

I need to make a similar list for myself.

And for our family goals:
We're working on memorizing the last three Articles of Faith, using our "happiness habits," and saving our money for a trip to Disneyland in the fall.
Still not sure where I'm going to display this sucker in the house...
(It's so very shiny!)

Do you have any creative ways of displaying your goals in your home?
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1 comment :

  1. Those are quite shiny! I just finally bought some poster board earlier today for something similar for myself. I'm hoping that taking a full two months to actually solidify my goals will make me more likely to reach them during the other 10 months. Good luck getting everyone back with the program!

    Oh, and yes, my kids are fighting a lot lately too. Not sure what it is.