Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day Crafts

On Monday, we'll be visiting the grave sites of some of our veteran ancestors who were buried right here in Ogden. I think this holiday is an awesome opportunity to tell your kids a little bit more about your own family narrative. My mother-in-law has so many stories about her parents and grandparents that my kids ask to hear over and over again. Their favorite is our great-great-grandmother Olive who had many adventures in her youth, including having a snake fall from the barn roof right onto her lap!

If you have any veterans in your family, I'm sure there are several stories to be told about their courage, patriotism, and great sacrifices that our children can identify with. This year I'd love to have my kids prepare a little "thank you" gift for our veteran ancestors and I'm thinking we'll paint some rocks from our ongoing rock collection to look like these:


Cute to do with the kids. Red, White, and Blue I LOVE YOU! 

There's a really great article on the Power of Moms website today about teaching your children the importance of Memorial Day. It made me think of a few crafts we've done in the past with flowers that could work for a poppy flower craft to place on our gravesites.

We've tried these paper flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers

and also tried the same technique with fabric

Pinwheel Poppy Craft for Remembrance Day
I LOVE these poppy pinwheels too.

Here's some 4th of July crafts we've done in the past that would work well for Memorial Day:


 Star Bracelets, Patriotic Counting Game, and Starry Napkin Holders--all HERE.

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