Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preschooler Activity for the Letter J

For the letter J, we made jelly fish
Here's the materials you'll need for this one:

coffee filters
light pink toille (use blue for boys!)
pipe cleaners
clear plastic cup
We cut our pink toille into squares and laid the coffee filter on top. Then we cut around the coffee filter so that the fabric was about the same size as the filter, enough to cover it completely.
We put some glue drops onto the fabric to attach it to the filter. It didn't hold too well, so I think you can skip this step and they will stay together just fine.
The only plastic cups I had were really deep, so I ended up cutting a few inches off the top. Then we taped the yarn and pipe cleaners onto the inside of the cup for the jelly fish's tentacles.
I cut a hole into the top of the cup and ran the end of a piece of yarn through the hole and both the fabric and the coffee filter, tying a knot at the bottom to keep it in place.

Follow this activity up with a good book about jelly fish and/or a trip to the aquarium!
(Or just let them watch Finding Nemo while you get some things done...)
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