Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toddler Activities for the Letter F

For the letter "F" I decided to talk about the three states of water, focusing on the Frozen stage. We put an ice cube in a bowl and set it out on the counter. We kept returning to the bowl to watch it melt throughout the morning. We happened to have our humidifier out and so we turned it on and talked about the third stage of water, gas.

Then we decided to make our own funky ice cubes. I gave each girl an ice cube tray filled with water. Then I pulled out the food coloring (I suggest having their aprons handy!) and let them drop different colors into the tray and mix them with a spoon. I encouraged them to mix colors and see what happened. They enjoyed it so much that we dumped them out and did this activity three times before I finally convinced them to put the trays in the freezer.


A few days later, we pulled these ice cubes out and put them into the bath tub! The girls loved watching them melt back to water and turn the bath into a rainbow (which eventually turned into a murky brown...)

We also went Fishing! I saw this idea here. I gave each girl a celery stalk with a glob of peanut butter on one end. Then I gave them a plate full of gold fish to catch with their celery fishing pole.

We always practice writing our upper and lower case "F's" on our white board and I like to use these books from Alphabet Friends to practice the sounds:
Fred, Me, and the Letter F (Alphabet Friends)

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  1. Great ideas here, Janelle! I think we are going to "go fishing" as part of an FHE activity, talking about being fishers of men. OK if I share your idea on my blog?