Saturday, April 21, 2012

Toddler Activities for the Letter D

Since our baby was born, I've been keeping things pretty simple around here. We are trying to stick to our usual routine which involves our Letter of the Week activities. My girls usually look forward to it, which keeps me going! But like I said, I keep it simple and don't prepare things until the morning of. Here's an idea for the letter "D."

Dragon Egg Charades
Since we had already pulled out our Easter eggs, we put them to use in our lesson on the letter "D." We talked about the sound of "D" and read some books with "D" words, including one about a dragon egg. Then I sent them on a hunt.
My oldest had helped me fill about ten plastic eggs with a picture of a "D" word and a small treat. She even drew some of the pictures herself. Once all the eggs were hidden, the girls started their hunt. Whoever found an egg had to look at the picture and act it out for the rest of us to guess (my favorite was when Hazel acted out "Dad.")

After our Dragon Egg Charades, we ate dragon eyeballs (tapioca with blueberries) and dragon bogies (green jello we happened to make a few days ago) for snacks.
See, it isn't all princess crowns and dress-up around here after all! We dig dragons too.
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