Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Craft for Toddlers

Tracing with Yarn Activity

I saw this idea in a magazine with shapes; you draw the shape on a piece of cardboard and help your toddler glue a piece of yarn along the shape. I decided to adapt this idea to Christmas by drawing a Christmas tree and a snowman for my kids to cover with yarn and decorate to their own liking. While it was pretty easy and fun for my four year old, it was a challenge for my two year old. I could tell that it really tested her coordination skills but it was still fun for her to try and she was proud of the outcome.

Cardboard or cardstock

I drew the picture I wanted them to trace with yarn onto the cardboard and showed them how to follow the lines with glue and then place the yarn onto the glue.
I think good 'ole Elmer's liquid glue works best but ours was almost gone, so we used glue sticks. I cut the yarn into smaller pieces for my two year old. My older daughter went off into her own crafting world and didn't need my help at all with her creation.
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This was a quick and simple craft that was easy to put together and entertained them for a good half an hour! I pulled out some buttons in the end that my toddler added to her snowman. You could use pom poms, beads, cotton balls, etc for embellishments. The point of this activity is for them to practice tracing shapes.
Hope your week is going well! Now that we've survived a wedding and a birthday party (my youngest just turned one!), life has slowed a bit again and I'm excited to get back into the routine this week. Thanks for checking in.
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