Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Display Your Kids' Art

I hope you all had a safe Halloween and are surviving these cold temperatures! I'll definitely be sharing some "inside" activity ideas this November, some of which will soon be published in an article I wrote for Latter Day Woman magazine. You can also check out an article I wrote about my own definition of "FUN" with your family  here at Power of Moms. It's so nice to have these little outlets to write my thoughts and feel like I have a talent outside of motherhood. I am so happy with my full time career as a mom and yet it's so nice to have those little outlets that help you remember who you really are and what you love to do, ya know?

Well we certainly had a Happy Halloween this year. We went with an African theme since my husband is starting a cold food storage business out in Mozambique. The day after Halloween, he flew to New York, D.C., Ethiopia, and finally landed in Maputo, Mozambique where he'll be for the next three weeks laying the foundation for his new business. We're SO proud of him since this has been a dream of his for a long time, but we miss him so much! The girls made a paper chain to count down the 21 days he'll be gone...

David and I were dressed in clothes he brought back from his two-year mission for our church in Mozambique. He bought me those crazy bright orange pants, betting on the fact that I'd marry him (or at least someone my size...). This is the first time I've had the right "setting" to wear them!

And the girls! We had a leopard, an elephant, and a little monkey. I was going to gel Ellie's hair and paint her face, but she's getting over croup so I decided to go easy on her this year.

Love that belly button.
I wish I could dress my kids up as animals more often. It's so entertaining.
It was a lovely day and a sugar-filled evening.
Since I'm hosting my parents this weekend and probably scooting up to my in-laws next week (I don't do well home alone!) my posts might be a bit more infrequent for the next 16 days. On top of my husband being gone, I found some IKEA bunkbeds that I'm painting for the girls' room. Always doing projects when I'm pregnant! Then again, I'm always pregnant...

So here's a fun idea for displaying your kids' art. Maybe you've seen it all over Pinterest? I love the idea and finally made a little collage in our "activity time" corner.

All of these frames were found at our local thrift stores and painted a pale blue that I originally bought for my master closet but never used.
Finally we have a place for all that art! I rotate them when something new is created and quietly throw the old ones away. So far it's been a great success.

Any secrets to keeping out the flu season germs??
My mom's given me a winter supply of Onguard to rub all over our feet every day.
Worth a try right?
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