Monday, September 12, 2011

Toddler Activities for the Letter W

A fun way to learn about the letter W is to play a game we call, "Where is Wally?" 
I drew and cut out a whale from blue construction paper and wrote an upper and lower case "W" on his belly. I hid him in different parts of the house and the girls had to hunt him down, singing a song that I literally made up in the moment. It went something like this (to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin?"): 

"Where is Wally? 
Where is Wally?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Wally won't you come out, 
Wally won't you come out
and play with me,
play with me."

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The first child to find Wally gets to hide him for everyone else! By the end of the game I was wishing I'd laminated him because he was slightly crumbled. My girls loved this game and they continued to play it after I quietly retired.
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