Monday, April 25, 2011

Toddler and Preschooler Activities for the Letter H

Last week we learned about the letter "H." We did a Hunt for colored shapes and placed them onto corresponding shapes on a sheet of paper. I got this idea from No Time for Flash Cards where she used dried black beans and had her kids "mine" for jewels.
Since I didn't have any black beans, we hunted for our shapes amongst corn kernels and of course we used some Headlamps.

Corn kernels (or any type of dried beans)
tray or pan
foam paper
construction paper
stick glue

Step One:
Cut a variety of shapes in different colors and bury them in your pan full of kernels. Draw corresponding shapes on a piece of construction paper for your kids to glue the shapes onto once they find them.

Step Two: For the headlamps, I measured their heads with two strips of construction paper and stapled them together. I cut two squares of foam paper, one smaller than the other, glued them together and wrote the letter H on the front.

Step Three: I told my girls to hunt for shapes and glue them to their sheet as they found them.

As they found each shape, we talked about what the shape looked like (a circle is smooth all the way around; it looks like the moon, etc.). We also talked about the color of the shape.
Step Four: Once we found all the shapes, we counted them together and congratulated one another on a successful hunt.

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