Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Preschooler Activities: Knit Wits


I was searching for something to do with my girls yesterday and found this idea on familyfun.go called "Knit Wits." Luckily I had the materials--which are pretty basic--and we put one together in about 30 minutes (that's including a few distractions from my two year old and one major rice spill, which was my fault).

one spare knit glove
needle & thread
small rubber ball
mini pom-pom

If you don't have a small rubber ball, you can use a ping-pong ball or a lost silver ball ornament, like I used!

She thought my thimble looked like a small trash can and filled it with our mini pom-poms.

Step One: Tuck in the ring finger of the glove and sew it closed.

I had no idea my three year old could thread a needle. She made it look so easy...


Step Two: Fill the glove up to the bottom of the cuff with rice and tie it off with yarn or a small rubber band.
Step Three: Place your ball (or ornament) into the cuff and sew the top shut.
(I promise my kids did not sew these themselves, as it appears. I'm just good at making it LOOK like they did. ha.)
Step Four: Make a wig by creating a "think hank" (never heard of that term before). You wrap the yarn around your hand about 50 times, tie off one end and cut the other end open.
(If I had prepared in advance for this, I would have found some bright red yarn to match my glove, but all I had was this light blue...)
Step Five: Sew on your wig and other embellishments. I used buttons for eyes and the mini pom-pom for a nose. My 3 year old wanted to add a butterfly button "broach."
Except for the funky gimp arm on the left, I think these little knit wits are pretty cute!

(If any of you make one of these, please DO send me a picture at
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