Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschooler and Toddler Activities: Family Wreath

Just so you know, there are some activities that we spend a lot of time on and look SO cute on the internet or in a book or in my head...and then we finish and I take a picture and discover that our final product is well...definitely home-made. Sometimes I consider redoing it after my kids go to bed so you can all think that I'm such a Martha Stewart mommy, but that totally defeats the purpose of this blog!
So here's one of those activities where the original idea and my final product are...well, different.

paper plate
cupcake wrappers

Step One:
Cut a hole in the center of your paper plate for the wreath.

Step Two:

You can cover the plate with flattened cupcake wrappers (silver looks nice). I skipped this part and made all of our wrappers into flowers. To make the flowers, fold your cupcake wrappers a few times and cut "V" shapes into the top. If your preschooler is trustworthy with scissors, he/she can make the cuts. If not, they can have fun unfolding the flowers once you cut them.




I only had silver and white wrappers, but these mini wrappers from Martha Stewart would look awesome.

Step Three: Glue your flowers onto the paper plate and tie your ribbon at the top.
Step Four: On our white wrappers, we wrote some ideas of what we could do to be more like Jesus this Christmas. This was my favorite part, even if our wreath turned out to be less than perfect. There's just something special about seeing the word "pray" and "love" in my little three year old's handwriting.

5 days til Christmas!
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