Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Acorn Necklaces

I found this idea on the Family Fun website and filed it away in my mind as a "back-up" activity for a rainy day. Honestly, it looked too difficult. First of all, where do you find acorns? For some reason, in my mind they were akin to fireflies--one of those rare and random things that you can't just find in your backyard (I really thought fireflies were fake until I moved to Georgia and saw them for myself). So one day we were out for a walk and my daughter stopped and picked up something from the ground and said, "Look Mom! An acorn!" Turns out that acorns come from oak trees, which are everywhere. Where have I been? Thus, this activity really happened and it was easier and more fun than I thought.

Capped acorns
hot glue or tacky glue
googly eyes (optional)

Step One:
Draw a face on your acorn. OR you can glue googly eyes onto them and just draw a mouth. I use hot glue b/c it dries fast.
Step Two:
Glue on the hair, made out of small pieces of yarn.
Step Three:
Glue on the top of the acorn (the "hat")

Step Four:
Wrap a long piece of yarn (the necklace) around the top of the acorn (if there's a stem) and secure it in place with more glue. If there's no stem, you can glue the long piece on under the hat.

I LOVED this activity because it was simple and unique and my daughter was very happy with the outcome!

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