Friday, October 29, 2010

Last minute Halloween game ideas...

image via Blissfully Domestic

If you're needing some games for tomorrow (like me), here's some quick and easy ideas to make the day fun for your kids:

Ghost Hunt (idea came from my awesome friend, Eva)
Wrap small suckers in tissue paper and draw a ghost face on the top. Stick the suckers into your grass outside in random places and have your kids race to see who can find the most ghosts!

Mummy Wrap (Kids fun and games)
Pair up and race to see who can wrap their partner in toilet paper the fastest. Once they are wrapped, they have to break out of the toilet paper and wrap the other partner. First pair to be done, wins!

Bobbing for Ghouls (Kids fun and games)
Fill a large tub with water and fill it with marshmallows. Cut a bunch of straws in half and have your toddler suck through the straw to try and pick up the marshmallow.

Of course there's Monster Freeze where you dance to crazy Halloween songs and freeze when the music stops. And Pin the Tail on the Cat or Pin the Face on the Pumpkin which are pretty self-explanatory. And I'm off to bed!

Happy Halloween, once again. Be safe.

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