Monday, July 26, 2010

Preschooler Activity for the Letter T: Turtle Lunches

One of the greatest things about summer is having fun with your food. Here's an idea my mother-in-law found that we tried out.
(Warning: these pictures may gross you out. Being pregnant, I felt nauseous the entire time I made these, but the end product was great.)

ground beef
hot dogs
kitchen scissors

Step One: Make your patty as big as you'd like. The hot dogs stay in better if you have a thicker patty. Cut three hot dogs in half and insert them into the patty with toothpicks.
Step 2: Weave the bacon (lattice style) around the patty, making the shell. We used kitchen scissors to cut the bacon strips in half lengthwise so they were easier to weave.
Step Three: We used cloves for eyes and cut the ends of the hot dogs for toes.

Step Four: We covered the hot dog legs with foil since they tend to burn first on the grill. Cook to your liking and enjoy!
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