Friday, July 16, 2010

Toddler and Preschooler Activity for the Letter M: "ME" puzzles

"Me" Puzzles

pictures of your kiddo (that you don't mind cutting to pieces)
red marker or pencil
construction paper
poster putty or glue (optional)

The exciting thing about these puzzles is that your toddler gets to make them
and recognize "the star" of the puzzle when they put it all together.

1. With your red marker, draw easy-to-follow lines for your toddler to cut. Depending on your little one's age, you can cut smaller, more curvy pieces to make it harder or large and simple squares for an easier puzzle.
If your toddler doesn't yet use scissors, you can cut the pictures for them with their hands touching yours.

(Drawing lines were an afterthought, so you don't see them in these pics).
*You can make as many as you'd like (we cut up two pictures), but be sure to keep the right pieces together, of course.

2. Place your pieces onto a full piece of 8 1/2 X 11 construction paper. Be sure they are mixed up enough to be a challenge.


Here's where the poster putty or the glue comes in if your toddler is having some trouble with the puzzle. You can place a bit of putty on the back of each piece as your toddler places them correctly so they stay in place.


And there you go. A "ME" puzzle.
(Idea inspired by
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  1. hey janelle - funny, I was checking out your blog just last week or so! Paige told me about the activities you do with your daughter and I have a 3 year old girl too so I was excited to have your blog as a resource! Anyways, small world huh!? And thanks for the compliment. I use Photoshop CS3. It's been great for me but the latest version, Cs5 does some amazing things that I wish I had in my version! But my husband would not go for that right now!

    And I did write something to that effect about having two kids on my june 16 blog post. I guess paige could relate! But it's so true! If I try and do anything extra, a me thing, like a sewing project or something, then I feel stressed, but if I keep it all about the kids, life's easy, I just miss doing my stuff! :( one day!

  2. lol - i just noticed the having two kids quote on your sidebar. Nice "blog" meeting you!