Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Crafts

Here's a fun activity for the 4th of July!
I found the pattern to make these paper stars here. They turned out to be pretty easy and toddler-friendly.
1. Fold paper in half from top to bottom, creasing it with your finger. Fold it in half again, creasing it just a bit. Undo the second fold.


2. Bring the tip of the upper right corner down to the crease on the paper's left edge (from your second fold). Bring that far left corner down over the section you just folded. Fold paper vertically so left and right edges match up.
Unfold and voila!

You can pair up different colors and sizes and hold them together with a brad.
You can hang them up or tape them up in the window.
Or make a ridiculously huge hat!

Have fun with your 4th of July crafts!

Here's some more great ideas for Independence Day:

Sticker Star Twirler: Might have to try this one this week...
Have a plastic lid, straw, and a rubber band laying around?

Patriotic Drink: Fill glass with ice cubes and layer three drinks, pouring the one that contains the most sugar first. Cranberry juice, Gatorade Fierce (wild berry), and Diet 7 up makes a nice color combination! Pour each drink directly onto the ice instead of the drink that preceded it.

Watermelon Pop Stars: Cut your watermelon into star shapes and insert a Popsicle stick in the bottom of each star. Place them on a foil-lined baking sheet, cover with another sheet of foil and stick them in a freezer for an hour.

Flavored Ice Cubes: Freeze Gatorade or punch to make red and blue ice cubes in your kids drinks.

P.S. Photobucket is DRIVING ME CRAZY and is doing funky things with my pictures; sorry for the size problems;
I'm working on it.

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