Monday, March 15, 2010

Potty Training your Child: A Potty Part

Our first two attempts to potty train our two year old daughter were, well...unsuccessful.
For the third time around, we tried the potty party idea and it was a hit. We invited grandparents and just one little friend of our daughters (who also needed help in the potty department). We wanted to keep it nice and small so we could keep the party focused on our goal!
*Note: our daughter already knew how to use the potty, she just didn't want to.
I found this party idea helpful in getting her excited to "go"
and keep "going" whenever nature called.

As soon as everyone was settled, we brought down our brown and yellow balloons.
Depending on your performance, you were rewarded accordingly (adults excluded). These balloons were great incentive to "go" that night and the week that followed.

We started with some potty games like "Pin the Hazel on the Potty"
and "Musical Potties" (don't worry, we just used chairs).
We refilled sippy cups and asked repeatedly if they needed to visit the potty.

Everyone earned fun prizes.
Hazel received some potty gifts such as "Elmo can use the potty!" and new Tinkerbell panties.
We made the official switch to panties that night with everyone cheering her on.
(I have a picture of her showing them off proudly).

For treats, we did cupcakes. Brown and yellow, of course.

Send me your potty party ideas! I'd love to post more on this topic; its a toughie.

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