Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toddler Activities: Fancy Nancy Bucket

I just realized that my last post showed a picture of this pink fuzzy bucket in the picture of materials. Let me explain what that is!


So this may sound like a "girls only" project, but there are several ways you can adapt this to little boys. For Christmas last year, I made my two year old, an avid Fancy Nancy fan, a Fancy Nancy bucket. It holds her glue, scissors, ribbon, stickers, beads, glitter, and anything else she needs to be creative.

I saved my formula cans and covered them with hot pink fabric. I edged the top of the can with part of a hot pink feather boa. I filled it with the basic necessities listed above and voila!
Now you can tell your kiddo to go get their bucket when its time for a crafty activity time.

(If you make one of these, send me a picture! I'll post em.)
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1 comment :

  1. So I don't have as much to work with as you...but Bree gets way excited to do "crafts" since she can run and get her special "craft box". Fun idea!