Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toddler and Preschooler Activities: Queen or King for a Day

We recently visited my mom's house and she pulled out this book, The Usborne Big Book of Fairy Things to Make and Do, which provided great entertainment for my girls. We opened up to the activity on making crowns so the girls could be Queens for a day. So for you mothers of boys, you could make more "masculine" crowns and they could be Kings for a day.

They could practice speaking politely, like royalty does, and use their magic words. They could help make important decisions that day such as what snacks and meals to eat, what clothes to wear, and what activities to do (within reason!). You could play "Follow the Leader" with them or "Simon Says," replacing their name for Simon.

It's fun to make them feel special on just an ordinary day.

Here's the book.
And the crowns...

Measure a strip a paper around your toddler's head and cut two lines halfway through the ends of the strip so they fit together.

Decorate the band to your liking with stickers or markers.
We rolled strips of foil to give our crowns a decorative flare.
And there you have it; Queen or King for a day.
(Maybe we should make these for ourselves whenever we feel the need for
a random "Mother's Day.")
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